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Welcome to Settly, the all-in-one solution for employee relocation. Our digital platform, bespoke services, and supportive community are here to delight your employees and HR teams, making talent mobility an exciting experience.

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People-First Companies Choose Settly

A New Way to Relocate Employees

Employee Experience First

Creating a tailor-made experience for your international talent is crucial when moving your people abroad. Settly manages the end-to-end process while keeping them informed, connected and engaged.

Enable & Support Your HR Team

Freeing up valuable time and resources of your HR team through our relocation solution allows them to  focus on core business activities and continue boosting employee engagement and productivity.

Scale Your Business with Ease

Planning to expand your team across borders? Set your business up to easily scale in every direction, country, size and level of complexity with flexible relocation services that fits your's and your employee's needs.

How Can We Help?

Save Valuable Time

Managing international talent can take up to 3-5x more time than managing local talent. Settly's digital platform streamlines the relocation process and manages the workload, enhancing the employee experience and saving you time and costs, so you can focus on the things that matter.

Attract & Retain Top Talent

Settly offers a unique support platform that enables you to stand out from the crowd and attract the right talent for your company. By defining the right total reward package and offering a digital solution that fits your new hires, you can make your employees feel valued and appreciated.

Boost Engagement & Productivity

Settly empowers your international talent to excel in the workplace and feel like they belong in their new country. A positive relocation experience is the start of a great onboarding process that boost productivity and engagement. With Settly's platform solution, your new hires will have everything they need to hit the ground running.

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Here's What People Are Saying...

From seamless transitions to personalised support, our team goes above and beyond to make every relocation a success. We're more than just a relocation company. Don't just take our word for it – see what our satisfied clients have to say.

amy hendler - global vp of human resources at bynder

Amy Hendler

Global Vice President, Human Resources

The excellence of the services Settly offers shines through already in our candidate journeys and in the (lesser) workload for our P&T Team. Marieke and the Settly team, thank you for your expertise in anything visa and relocation - and your laughter!
Jasna Tanevska

Jasna Tanevska

Technology Recruiter

Settly is helping us grow teams quicker and more efficiently by making worldwide talent available to us. They are pro-active, knowledgeable, approachable and add a human touch to the process of relocation. We can completely rely upon them, knowing that our candidates are always in good hands and will always have someone looking out for them during their transition to the Netherlands. It feels as if the Settly employees are an extended team!
bux hr team

Margy Kitchner

Office Manager

A lot of work has been taken out of our hands, and most importantly, it is done with the utmost precision! We only get positive feedback from our new colleagues about Settly, apart from that, the Settly team are lovely people to work with.

Personalised Relocation Services for Expats

Our expat relocation services make transitions smooth and stress-free for HR teams. We understand the challenges of moving, from finding the perfect home to navigating local bureaucracy. Our experts provide personalised support, handling every detail with care and efficiency.

With a wide range of services including visa and immigration support, home search, and 30% tax ruling for highly skilled migrants - to name only a few. With our local knowledge and dedication, we help your international talent feel at home quickly and comfortably. Let us know how we can support you.

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