One Employee Relocation App for Your People

We understand that the process of moving to a new company can be overwhelming, with numerous tasks and uncertainties, which is why our relocation platform was created - with love and care - to help you navigate there location process with ease and comfort.

Bringing Global Talent, Together.

The Settly platform was designed to streamline the moving process, making it efficient and trouble-free. Our secret ingredient? Our lively community and dedicated relocation specialists! Connecting with others in your new home country has never been easier and our team is always available to provide guidance and support via chat to make your employees feel confident and secure during their big move! So, you can focus on what's important, and they can start their new adventure with peace of mind.

Support Your Talent

We want to take the stigma of stress out of moving abroad for your employees, giving them less admin and more adventure!

Intelligent Moving Checklist Tool

Digital moving checklist tool to ensure no stone is left unturned and helps you stay on top of everything during your move.

Curated Community Content and Insights

Engage with other internationals in our platform, attend curated events and discuss relevant topics and interests in our community groups with access to local insights!

Dedicated Client Success Specialist for Guided Support

Access to a dedicated Client Success specialist to walk with you through every step of your digital relocation journey, from start to finish

Empower Your Teams

Our relocation app was built for HR teams, by HR teams. We speak your language, and we’ve got you covered!

Easy-to-Use Interface for Employee Relocation

End-to-end, easy-to-use interface for employers to keep track of their employees' relocation journeys and increase productivity.

Seamless Employee Initiation

Initiate new employees with just a click of a button, with everything from flights to face-to-face greetings taken care of.

Progress Tracking for Peace of Mind

Stay up to date on where your people are at any step of the process through our live progress tracker. From appointments, travel to approvals.

People-First, Tech-Enabled Relocation

HR teams can save time and money by having a clear overview of the relocation process and making informed decisions. Our platform is designed to enhance the employee experience, reducing the stress and worry that often comes with relocating to a new country.

We believe that relocating should be an exciting and memorable experience, and our solution is here to make that a reality. Say goodbye to the stress of relocating and hello to a world of talent mobility made easy with Settly.

Manage Relocations Better

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