The 2023 Dutch Employee Relocation Benchmark Report

The 2023 Dutch Employee Relocation Benchmark Report

Want to learn more about how companies approach their talent relocation strategy? Learn about costs, benefits and best practices? Download our 2023 Employee Relocation Benchmarking Report for a comprehensive guide compiled by extensive survey data from HR, People and Global Mobility professionals and business leaders across various industries in The Netherlands. This must-read report uncovers:

🌎 Why 65% of companies are deciding to focus on a global talent pool.

🤝 How 81% are offering specialised support.

💸 What 55% of all companies spend between €2.5K - €7.5K to relocate.

Are you an HR professional aiming to optimise your relocation package? Well, this report is for you - providing the data-backed insights you need to improve employee engagement and make informed decisions. Go ahead, grab your copy!

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