DEPT: Partnering with Pioneers in Tech and Marketing.

DEPT is an award-winning digital marketing and tech agency specializing in creativity, technology, and data. Their impressive collection of renowned brands enables them to assist their clients in expanding their digital enterprises worldwide.

DEPT: Partnering with Pioneers in Tech and Marketing.



As the demand for International Deptsters grew, the need for a personal approach to international hiring was vital. To further support their people, DEPT asked Settly to come in. The goal was to offer the best possible relocation experience and personalized soft landing through Settly's platform and personal support. In addition, our specialist knowledge on visas, 30% ruling, housing - temporary and permanent - and getting "settled" in a new country. Most importantly, always being available to answer any relocation inquiry proved extremely valuable to both, Dept and its team members. A successful partnership grew, and to date, it's been a pure joy to support DEPT and their new employees.

Users Relocated
Overall NPS

The HR Experience

It is truly rewarding when we receive feedback from our clients, as they show appreciation and value our team's hard work. It is certainly a wonderful reminder to why we love doing what we do!

Jasna Tanevska

Technology Recruiter

Settly is helping us grow teams quicker and more efficiently by making worldwide talent available to us. They are pro-active, knowledgeable, approachable and add a human touch to the process of relocation. We can completely rely upon them, knowing that our candidates are always in good hands and will always have someone looking out for them during their transition to the Netherlands. It feels as if the Settly employees are an extended team!

Our Users Feedback

We care deeply about our users and bring them the best relocation experience, so they can be at their 100% when they arrive.

Osama Ishtiaq

Full Stack Developer

Settly really cares about each individual and the issues they might face. I had a very smooth journey coming to the Netherlands from Pakistan. There were some issues that were unique to my case and Settly still took care of those on my behalf.

Xenofon Vakalopoulos

PHP Developer

The Settly team was really helpful and made my relocation process really easy!!

Henrique Louzada

Senior Copywriter

Settly was extremely important to make my relocation easier. Kamisha and her team were very helpful any time I needed to question anything. Thank you for all!

Our Customers Stories

With a goal of being the most beloved relocation company, we place great importance on ensuring we provide the right kind of support to our customers. Through our partnerships and collaborations, we have helped companies attract and retain their international talent and saved valuable time for the HR Teams so that they can focus on things that are high impact.