The Settly Relocation Curve

The Settly Relocation Curve

Marieke van Iperen
CEO and Co-Founder
min read
January 9, 2020

Moving to a new country can be daunting. Even more so if you are bringing your partner or family. Having lived in multiple countries myself whilst working in international HR roles, I’ve experienced first hand how important it is to make this transition as smooth as possible. We saw that people whose expectations did not meet reality were having difficulties to adapt, which directly impacted their well-being, productivity and engagement at work.

Kubler Ross’s change curve is a great example of the various stages of emotions people can go through during a big change like relocating. Our goal is to change this. At Settly we focus on making meaningful connections during the relocation and settling in experience of your employees in a personal, fun and digital way. Because we believe in making a positive impact and that listening, anticipating and managing expectations are key in any transition. If your employees are happy, so are we.

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