Partner Support: An Integral Part of a Successful Relocation

Partner Support: An Integral Part of a Successful Relocation

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December 21, 2022

International talent recruitment or assigning employees to foreign countries is anything but a simple matter. A high risk of failure or success is involved as well as internal effort and financial resources. From our experience relocating talent around Europe, we know that preparation and information are crucial for a successful move. At the end of the day, soft support and human interaction are the most important factors.

A research study by Ernst & Young has shown that one of the most common reasons for a failed assignment, mentioned by 71% of corporations, is an unhappy and unintegrated partner in the host location.

And we get it. Partners and spouses are central to any decision-making process, big or small. It has been found that almost 97% of mobile employees say they actively involve their partners in the discussions before accepting an assignment abroad.

What does this mean for companies looking to hire international talent?

Providing your talent with partner support is a crucial component of their relocation package. Likewise, companies should fulfil the partners’ expectations, such as integrating them into the host country, rebuilding their network, assisting them with securing jobs, furthering their studies, or even volunteering.

And most of the time, prioritising all members of the family, even the four-legged ones, can be quite beneficial in terms of employee productivity (research has shown that it’s noticeable in the first six months!) and has a much more positive impact on sustainable cost policies.

How can your company prepare for the future of partner support?

  1. Increase relocating partner support benefits
  2. Improve communication with partners
  3. Increase the visibility of partner support programs
  4. Collaborate with a dedicated relocation partner that will nurture and care for partners and spouses by offering them meaningful support services.

So, what can Settly offer to support your relocating partners & families better?

Our Partner network facilitates meet-ups with people who’ve had similar experiences and enables them to make friends sooner. With our dedicated chats, specialised content library and relationship management with the Settly Host, partners can ask their questions and coordinate the parts of the relocation that resonate most with them. And the part that we’re most proud of? To provide the best partner support, we developed a team of relocating partners who understand their challenges and needs first-hand.

See below for a breakdown of some of the relocation services we offer. The cherry on the icing? We do all this at no extra cost!

Partner & Family Support: Our team of specialists offer the best family support. No matter where your employees are in the process, we can help them find the right daycare, nanny service, or school for their children.

Career Support: As we understand how challenging it can be to move to a new country, especially if your spouse or partner requires assistance with their career path, we provide guidance and assistance through our team of experts, partners, and career coaches.

Cultural Transitioning: Talk about a significant cultural shift. Every person experiences moving to a new city differently, and it is always a transition - big or small. Settly allows users to transition smoothly and gain access to worldwide knowledge through a single platform that they can access from anywhere.

Expat Community. An expat community provides your talent with the comfort and support they need to feel at home in their new community. Meeting and connecting with the right people can make all the difference, and our Settly community looks forward to welcoming your new hire!

Pet Relocation: We can’t forget about Milo & Rocky! They’re a part of the family, too! IPATA agents and team members will always be on hand to guide our clients through every step, from finding a local vet and obtaining health certification to booking the best flight route for their pets.

If you have any questions or want to start offering more wholesome partner support benefits for your relocating talent, then feel free to reach out to our team to Get Started!

We’re more than happy to help!

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