The Best Playgrounds in Amsterdam

The Best Playgrounds in Amsterdam

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February 3, 2023

One of the best perks of living in Amsterdam with kids is that it offers a variety of playgrounds and activities for the youngest on almost every street corner. The best part is - parents can enjoy them too, because there are usually some cafes and cute cozy places nearby. But if parents want to join the adventure - in most cases they can. :) We have tried to make the Settly’s top 10 recommendations for playgrounds you don’t want to miss.

De Natureluur

Lovely adventure playground filled with things to explore, experience and enjoy. Kids are encouraged to play with the water, climb and use a park in a playful way. There is also a variety of low-cost activities designed to help kids have fun and learn a lot about the park’s plant and animal life.  

The playground is open to the public and completely free, so you can always come and play.

Natureluur Website

Het Landje

When heading to the lovely Rembrandtpark, you might not want to miss this little gem. Het Landje offers a variety of construction tools so kids can play. They also have a small playground for the youngest ones. Kids with their swimming diploma can swing over small canals. But the best part are pony rides lessons for kids.

Park is open and the entrance is free (extra activities and lessons excluded).

Het Landje website

Het Woeste Westen

This lovely playground is located in Westerpark. It is designed for learning through imaginative play. Children can experiment with sticks, stones, sand and flowing water, as well as live plants and creatures. Many hidden paths, hills, willow huts, tunnels and hiding bushes will make this experience fun and adventurous. And there is a small cafe for parents to enjoy coffee or tea.

The entrance is free and the playground is open to the public.

Het Woeste Westen website


Jeugland is the largest adventure park in Amsterdam. It is a playground, a construction site, a petting farm and an outdoor learning center all in one. Kids can build their own personal shelters and play in them, they can also build dams or raft in the water, swing on a cableway, or pet rabbits and ponies. Jeugland also offers a variety of organised activities and workshops (check their website) and are open for birthday parties.

This playground is also free and open for kids under 14.

Jeugland website

Het Diereneiland

Goats, sheep, turkey, peacocks, chicken, rabbits, ducks… Many animal friends live in this small island paradise open for children to come and meet them. Kids can also enjoy a variety of activities, including building huts, growing a small garden, climbing, swinging, water and sand play, etc. For organised activities keep an eye on their agenda.

The Island is open to the public and the entrance is free.

Het Diereneiland website

Play Islands in The Amsterdamse Bos

During the hot summer days you don’t want to miss this small hidden oasis in Amsterdam Forest. But be aware that getting wet is an integral part of this water adventure, which includes wooden rafts, climbing poles, rope nets, and a swing line.  

Playground is open to the public and there is no entrance fee so everyone can join.

Play Islands website


This playground is so big and well equipped that you can easily spend the whole day there.

Besides the free and open play area, there are also many small activities that you can pay and have fun with. There is also a petting zoo, a labyrinth, lovely train that goes all the way around the park and mini golf. In cafes and restaurants nearby you can grab some food or drinks and you’re all set for a lovely day outside.

Playground is open to the public and the entrance is free.

Amstelpark playground website


This small lovely park has a recently renovated adventure park with swings, climbing stations and zip line. In the same park, but on the other end, there is a sand playground for the youngest kids, something really rare in Amsterdam. :)

Playgrounds are open for everyone and completely free.

Sarphatipark location

Speeltuin Wachterliedplantsoen

Really fun playground near Erasmuspark, designed for recreation, well equipped with swings, slides, climbing stations, sand and water, etc. It is open to the public and completely free. Right next to it is a small petting zoo.

Playground is open to the public and there is no entrance fee.

Speeltuin Wachterliedplantsoen location

Speeltuin Willem de Zwijgerlaan

Wooden pirate boat, adventure climbing stations, a giant slide and a huge zip line. What else is there to look for in a playground? This is one of my kids favourite playgrounds and I understand why. :)

This playground is also open to the public and the entrance is free.

Speeltuin Willem de Zwijgerlaan

NoordOogst playground

If you are up for an exciting water course and a splash pool with small waterfalls, search no more! With many stepping stones and large tree trunks NoodOogst is a really fun place to be. Trees also form a natural climbing course and there is a lookout tower from where you can see all of NoordOogst, including the pigs!

The playground is open during the day and the entrance is free for visitors of NoordOogst.

NoordOogst website

Do you have your personal favourites? Please let us know and we will gladly add them to our list.

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