Fijne Vaderdag, Dad! Father's Day in The Netherlands

Fijne Vaderdag, Dad! Father's Day in The Netherlands

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June 18, 2021

Vaderdag is not a tribute to Darth Vader, unfortunately, but it’s Father’s Day!

Although the covid vaccine is well underway and restrictions are easing up, the pandemic has still impacted many of our celebrations. But, we can surely do something fun here to celebrate all the dads and the other father figures in our lives!

The most vital part of course is that dad gets to spend time with his favourite people, his family and that may also include Rocky, the family doggo. But if you want to go the extra mile, there’s always plenty of fathers day activities to celebrate with! And we’ve got a unique, and typically Dutch list of activities to try out, no matter what kind of guy Dad is. Here’s our top 3 picks!

Dutch IPA Beer Tasting

With the temperatures soaring above, and a beermance that we cannot deny, a beer tasting is definitely one way to go. Of course, due to certain restrictions, you may not be able to get an

expert to conduct it, but you can always hop over to your nearest supermarket and purchase a couple of Dutch IPA Beers.  Here are some of the right components for a great tasting: the right

glass, check on colour and clarity, smell the brew, taste it, pick up on the sensations while it’s in the mouth, swallow and lastly, taste the lingering perception afterwards. Mmm.. zo lekker! We’re

practically drinking one as we type this, so we’re going to be a little one sided and tell you our favourites: Jopen Mooie Nel, Bird of Prey het Uiltje, Lowlander IPA or Oedipus Gaia.

Dig The Stress Away With a Graafmachine

A what? Well.. It’s a JCB backhoe. (...crickets chirping in the silence) Yep, you read that right. You can actually rent it to excavate and dig the ground for fun. More than beer, this is a certified dad-attraction. We know because we’ve tried and tested it on our husbands. Plus they weren’t the only ones having fun with it, the entire family had a go at it and the experience was certainly thrilling!

Axe Throwing

At this point, you’re probably wondering if we’re just making things up as we go along. But nope, throwing axes around for fun is a very unique and super fun activity here in the Netherlands and it’s something the dads are going to LOVE! Probably best not to include the whole family in this, especially if you have younger children and beloved pets. Prepare for a day of adrenaline rushes and axes! You can also practice your arm swings, do back flips and why not even attempt a hula. (Just kidding, please be safe). Click here for more info

We’re wrapping things up now and whichever way you decide to celebrate, even if it’s heading to the movies to watch Peter Rabbit 2 , we certainly hope you and the family have a great Vaderdag!

Tot ziens!

P.s: We’ve been very sneaky in adding certain dutch words to help you learn more things and integrate :)

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