Ukrainian Immigration Policies & Support in Czech Republic

Ukrainian Immigration Policies & Support in Czech Republic

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April 3, 2022

Entry Into Europe

EU Directive 2001/55/EG

On 2 March 2022, temporary protection for Ukrainian citizens in Europe will be implemented. This policy will go into effect the same day of publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.

As of November 30, 2022, Ukrainian nationals have the option to extend their temporary protection status (TPS) until March 31, 2024. Individuals must register online for extension by March 31, 2023 in order to qualify. This will secure an appointment with the Ministry of Interior office to obtain a new visa sticker. In order to avoid TPS expiration, personal appearance is required no later than September 30, 2023. Due to the expected arrival of more displaced individuals during the winter season, TPS extension for current status holders is particularly contingent on registration since government agencies may be at full capacity with the potential new wave of applicants.



From Ukraine to Czechia

In connection with the declaration of military status, the civil airspace was closed and air traffic to and from Ukraine was interrupted.

Alternative ways of travelling

Car/organised buses/train

Please find in the link below information on current situation on border crossings (only in Czech, use of google translate possible).

Special humanitarian trains from Ukraine to Czechia were set up. Book a seat on the train online or via

Currently, there are no entry restrictions for citizens coming to Czechia from Ukraine.


Contact the assistance line for Ukrainian citizens

For citizenship and residence inquiries, contact the assistance line for Ukrainian citizens:

Ministry of the Interior: +420 974 801 802 Email:

Residence for Ukrainians already in the Czechia

What if my current Czech residence permit is expiring?

If the Ukrainian citizens' residence in Czechia is approaching expiration, they can apply for a special type of visa and stay in Czechia using a simplified procedure. This extension system will continue to apply in the coming months.

If a residence permit (Schengen visa / seasonal visa / special work visa) expires in less than 14 days and the Ukrainian citizen is unable to return to Ukraine due to the conflict, they must go to the OAMP MV office. During the ongoing conflict, it is possible to apply for a special type of long-stay visa. If the Ukrainian citizen has a valid work permit, they can continue to work. Otherwise, a work permit is required.

Contact the Ministry of the Interior Offices

Already in Czechia

I have recently arrived in the Czechia. What should I do?

You can stay in Czechia for a period of 90 days as part of visa-free travel. If you have private accommodations, you must register with the Police of Czechia within 3 days from your arrival. In other cases, registration will be completed by the landlord. Once you have secured your registration and housing, you can apply for a special type of long-term visa, which is processed at the MV OAMP workplaces. Once obtained, you may begin your job search, and obtain a work permit at the Labor Office.

Work Permit

I am a Ukrainian citizen who arrived in Czechia on a biometric passport and cannot legally work in Czechia. How can I get a work permit?

A work permit is obtained via the Labor Office. Before applying for a work permit, a work contract must be secured with an employer. The work contract is one part of the work permit application. Once the application is submitted, the applicant or the employer can send a written request to the Labor Office for a work permit.

For more information on the procedure, you can check the pamphlet employees and employers (Czech or Ukrainian version available).

Existing Applications

Applications for the Ukrainian citizens that are already in the process

Pending applications filed through embassies in Ukraine will be processed as usual, but residency permits will have to be picked up directly in Czechia, and not in the embassies, which are now closed.

New Applications

Even before the current conflict, Ukrainian citizens have visa-free access. To reduce difficulties upon entry, Ukrainian citizens need to have a biometric passport; some exceptions apply. After arrival, Ukrainian citizens have 3 working days to register with the Czech foreign police; registration can be completed on their behalf by the accommodation provider if staying in hotel/rental accomodation. Otherwise The Regional Assistance Center (KACPU) was established to register Ukrainian citizens coming to Czechia. You can find their list and other information here.

Work permits require a separate application.


After arrival insurance

Do I need health insurance?

To stay in the Czechia, foreigners must have health insurance. If employed in the Czech Republic, a person is legally insured with public health insurance. If not employed in the Czech Republic, a person must enrol in individual private insurance.

If a Ukrainian citizen is granted a special long-stay visa, they will automatically receive public health insurance.

For more information the Ministry of Health had set up online information pages for Ukrainian citizens.


Family members travelling after main applicant, main application already in Czechia with valid legal work and residence status

For Ukrainian citizens who have a spouse, children, or parents in Ukraine, these immediate family members can come to the Czech Republic on visa-free travel, but must hold a valid passport. All other requisites will be handled in Czechia.

Application renewal Czech residence permit for family members.

According to the Ministry of Interior Affairs, if the citizens of Ukraine residence in Czechia is scheduled to expire, previous restrictions will not apply. As part of the simplified procedure, they can apply for a special type of visa and stay in the Czechia. This extension system will continue to apply in the coming months. In addition, if Ukrainian citizens have a spouse, children, or parents in Ukraine, these family members can come to the Czech Republic on visa-free travel with a valid passport. All other requisites will be handled in Czechia.

Ministry of Interior Affairs


What if my family member does not have a biometric passport?

Entry across the EU's external border can not be guaranteed. Please have all required documentation with you as proof of identity.


I am coming/I have arrived with a pet.

Due to the exceptional situation in Ukraine, the State Veterinary Administration has simplified the conditions for entry. Pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) accompanied by their owner will be granted access. After the arrival please make sure to follow the guidelines on Veterinary conditions for the entry of pet animals from Ukraine to the territory of the Czech Republic due to an emergency situation.

Medical Care

How do I get health insurance with my visitor status?

Ukrainian citizens arriving in Czechia can stay in the country for up to 90 days as a visitor, without arranging a visa. However, commercial (private) travel insurance must be purchased during this time.

When you enrol with a commercial (private) health insurance, you are required to contact the insurance company's assistance centre to find a General Practitioner within the insurance provider’s network. Failure to do so may result in denial of medical expense claims.

VZP Private Insurance provides a 24-hour AXA Assistance helpline with support in several languages. They can help schedule appointments with a doctor or specialist as needed. It’s important to know if the treatment is fully covered or reimbursable by your insurance policy.

Foreigners basic medical (private) insurance

I have received my visa and health insurance card. How do I find a doctor?

After receiving an insurance card, register with a general practitioner (GP) or clinic. In order to visit a medical specialist, a general practitioner must provide a referral. We’d recommend visiting for a directory of GPs using criteria such as: contracted insurance companies, location, reviews, patient intake, and foreign language proficiency.

Motol University Hospital in Prague is Czechia’s largest hospital. This facility has a dedicated foreigners department, near the main entrance on the ground floor, which provides medical concierge services to foreigners and is covered by VZP. Motol University Hospital accepts both VZP public and private health insurance plans, and has a dedicated service centre exclusively for foreign patients. Patients can schedule a doctor’s visit at their outpatient clinics, which are available daily from 07:00 until 10 am. Visit their website for more details.

I need psychological support for myself, or someone in my family. Where can I find more information?

Sluchatko (Receiver) is a new helpline providing psychological support in Ukrainian and Russian languages for Ukrainian refugees. The consultation is free, and users pay only the cost of the call according to the tariff of the mobile operator. The user can receive up to 6 50-minutes free sessions.

Phone number: +420 212 812 540

The line is available every day from 9:00 to 18:00.

In addition, the Interior Ministry website has more information on accessing mental health and hotline support in Ukrainian.


I have just arrived in Czechia and would like to open a bank account.

Many of the banks in Czechia have now simplified their conditions for bank account access for Ukrainian citizens. VisitUkraineToday has published an article with the most popular banks in Czechia and the requirements for opening a bank account for Ukrainian citizens.

How to open a bank account

Other Queries for Ukrainians in Czech Republic

I am a Ukrainian citizen already living in the Czech Republic.

Information on the status of Ukrainian citizens in the Czech Republic can be found on Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic website. The Ministry of the Interior activated the Migration Wave Preparedness Plan and opened information lines for Ukrainian citizens. Information line for Ukrainian citizens of the Ministry of the Interior: +420 974 801 802

The Ministry of the Interior launched an online resource page for coordinating offers and requests for assistance in Ukraine:

Need more information?

Contact the information line exclusively for Ukrainian citizens:

Telephone: +420 974 801 802 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Consortium of non-governmental organizations working with migrants in the Czech Republic had set up online resource for Ukrainian citizens seeking help with housing, job search, transportation, translation services and much more.

Online resource for Ukrainian citizens

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