Ukrainian Immigration Policies & Support in The UK

Ukrainian Immigration Policies & Support in The UK

Marieke van Iperen
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April 3, 2022


Flights From Ukraine to UK

In connection with the declaration of military status, the civil airspace is currently closed and air traffic to and from Ukraine has been suspended. Documents: We strongly advise you to bring your Ukrainian international passport or your Ukrainian domestic passport with you whether it is valid or expired.

Flights From UK to Ukraine

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) warns against all travel to Ukraine. Documents: We strongly advise you to bring your Ukrainian international passport or your Ukrainian domestic passport with you whether it is valid or expired.

Alternative Routes to UK

From Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Romania: Exit from Ukraine is possible through these neighbouring countries who have temporarily suspended visa requirements for refugees.

Ukrainian Displaced Persons Travel Scheme

Ukrainians arriving in England, Scotland or Wales are eligible for free onward travel within 48 hours of arrival to aid them to their final destination. You will need a Ukrainian passport and a boarding pass or ticket showing your arrival in the UK to qualify for this scheme.

Ukrainian Displaced Persons Travel Scheme


The British Embassy

The British Embassy in Kiev is currently not providing in-person consular assistance. For consular assistance in Ukraine please call the 24-hour helpline +380 44 490 3660 (domestic call in Ukraine) or +44 (0)1908516666 (international call to UK)

When applying for a visa you can now use the UK Immigration: ID Check app to confirm your identity. To use the app you must:

- have a Ukrainian international passport (within the original expiry date)

- use an iPhone 7 or newer, or an Android device that can make contactless payments - you can use someone else's phone

In case you require translated guidance a video has been prepared to assist you. You will receive advice as to when to download the app during the application process. For further guidance please visit the UK Immigration: ID Check website.

Ukrainians currently outside of the UK

I have family in the UK: Under the Ukraine Family Scheme you are allowed to enter and stay in the UK for up to 3 years. You can apply for the free visa if you are outside of the UK. You will receive an official permission letter from UK Visas & Immigraiton (UKVI) which will grant you a 6 month endorsement stamp on your passport at the UK Border. Should you wish to extend your stay for up to 3 years, you should submit your biometrics within 6 months of your arrival in the UK.

I do not have family in the UK: Under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme you and your family members (spouse, civil partner, unmarried partner, child under 18 or fiance) can come to the UK if you have a named sponsor. You can apply for this sponsorship scheme free of charge and it permits you to stay in the UK for up to 3 years. You and your sponsor can find the link to apply online for the scheme. You may already know someone in the UK who would like to sponsor you, but is not yet registered. They can apply to become a sponsor.

The government is providing various financial support such as offering a one-off payment of £200 per person to those under the Homes for Ukraine visa. You would need to connect with the council where you live in order to apply for this benefit. To check out what other benefits you may be eligible to receive please visit the government financial help page.

Ukrainians currently in the UK

I am in the UK with a visa: As of 3 May 2022, you may be eligible to extend your stay in the UK through the Ukraine Extension Scheme. This would also be applicable to your partner (if unmarried/cohabiting you would need to show evidence of living together for at least 2 years such as a joint bank statement or utility bill) and children if they are already in the UK as your dependents. Further information and updates will be posted.

Ukrainian National in the UK - visa support

Other Visas

The standard visa application process is available to those who wish to apply for a visa to visit, work, study, or join family in the UK the normal way. Since the British Embassy in Kiev is closed, you would need to visit a VAC (Visa Application Centre) in one of the neighbouring countries to apply for your visa. You need to complete your online application form and obtain a GWF reference number (which is given to you after you apply) prior to your visit at your chosen VAC. To see which visa applies to you, please visit the UK government website. Although standard visa routes remain open, applicants should anticipate potential delays in processing. At this time, the UK Home Office indicates standard visit visa applications are taking an average of three weeks to process.

Personal Items into the UK


I am driving to the UK from Ukraine: Since you are coming from Ukraine, and your car is registered and taxed in the home country, you will not be required to register and tax your vehicle for the first 6 months of your residency in the UK. After 6 months, you would need to register and tax your vehicle. You are eligible to drive in the UK with your Ukrainian passport for up to 12 months. At the end of 12 months, you need to exchange it for a British licence.


I am arriving with a Pet: To find out what steps need to be taken for entry into the UK with your pet, please contact Pet Travel on 03000 200 301 and press 2 to speak to an adviser. Alternatively you can email them at

The government implemented new emergency support for those fleeing Ukraine with their pets. Pets requiring quarantine upon arrival in the UK will be part of a streamlined system, and costs concerning a pet within this system will be paid for by the government.

To ensure those fleeing Ukraine with their own pets are prioritised, all commercial imports of dogs, cats and ferrets from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Romania have been temporarily suspended for one month.


I am arriving with over 10,000 GBP or €10,000 or more if you’re coming to Northern Ireland (or equivalent in another currency) in cash: Notify a customs officer upon arrival.

Restricted Items List

I am arriving with a restricted or prohibited item: Upon arrival, please go to the “red point” or into the “red channel” at the port or airport and speak to a customs officer. Restricted or prohibited items are as follows: Controlled drugs, offensive weapons (i.e. flick knives), self-defence sprays (like pepper spray and CS gas), endangered animal and plant species, rough diamonds (this does not include jewellery for personal use), indecent and obscene materials, such as books, magazines, films and DVDs, personal imports of meat and dairy products. Firearms, explosives and ammunition require a special licence to bring into the UK.


Health Insurance

Do I have access to healthcare? Yes, all Ukranians arriving in the UK will have access to the NHS (National Health Service) free of charge. This includes GP (General Practitioner) and nurse consultations, hospital services and urgent care centres. To register for the NHS, visit your local GP for assistance.

Contact Information

British Consulate

British Consulate (Ukraine) +380 44 490 3660

UKVI +44 808 164 8810 (outside of the UK) 0808 164 8810 (within the UK)

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